Project" Cross-border action towards the establishment of protected biosphere reservation in the Basin of Drina River"

The agreement on cooperation between civil society organizations of the cross-border area of ​​the lower stream and the mouth of the Drina River was signed at the Kick off meeting held in Bijeljina on 5 July 2017 as an integral part of the activities within the project "Cross-border action towards the establishment of a protected biosphere reserve in the Drina River basin" which is being implemented from 15 May 2017 and will last for 6 months. The project is implemented by U.G.COOR from Sarajevo in co-operation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


The idea for the project and cooperation was created during the preparation of the Study on Sustainable Use and Protection of Natural Resources in the Cross-Border Region of Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina, prepared for the City of Bijeljina and the Municipality of Bogatić in the period February 2013-November 2013 from the funds of the IPA project of the European Union implemented by UG COOR from Sarajevo and the Union of Ecologists from Belgrade.


In the administrative view, the proposed Biosphere Reserve "Lower Stream and the mouth of the Drina River" includes the following administrative units: City of Bijeljina, Municipality Bogatić, Municipality of Sremska Mitrovica.


The initiative is initiated by the Coalition of Ecological Forces of Bijeljina consisting of: Ecological Association Ekoput, Women's Association of Women ARTA, Panteri / Nautilus / TRB Divers Association, Majevica Mountain-Ecological Association and Bon San Parents' Association together with U.G. COOR from Sarajevo and UNECO Ecology Union from Serbia, Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura, Serbia, Association Eko Drina from Badovinci Municipality Bogatić and the Mountaineers association of Zasavica Sremska Mitrovica.


The goal of this project is to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations for their participation in decision-making and the future establishment of the cross-border reserve of the lower stream biosphere and the mouth of the Drina River.