International Animal Protection Day celebrated on October 4 as part of the project "Strengthening Partnerships - Youth in Action for Environmental and Natural Values"

On October 4, 2019, starting at 11:00 am, participating schools in the project, as well as representatives of the Vraca community, celebrated the International Day for the Protection of Animals with an educational lecture organized by the COOR Association on the topic "Birds and Animal Diversity of Parks in the City of Sarajevo".
Students from 3 elementary schools (Velešić Heroes, Malta and Pofalici) and 2 secondary schools (Secondary School for Environment and Wood Design and Electrical Engineering School) from the Novo Sarajevo Municipality, as well as their teaching staff, had the opportunity to observe the birds at the Wilson Walk and learn about the diversity of birds in the Novo Sarajevo Municipality and their way of life.
Project titled “Strengthening Partnerships - Youth in Action for Environmental and Natural Values” funded by the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo and implemented by the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Development (COOR) Sarajevo, implemented under the Grant Agreement signed by the Association Of the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Development COOR and the Municipalities of Novo Sarajevo, no. 10-14-1838 / 19 concluded on 15.07.2019.
The purpose of this ecological date was to raise the awareness of the school population and citizens in the Novo Sarajevo Municipality, and more broadly, of the importance of the diversity of animal species, and especially birds, to the environment and the nature that surrounds us!
International Animal Protection Day is celebrated every year on October 4th. This day was first celebrated on October 4, 1931 at the Ecological Convention in Florence, Italy to warn of the endangered animal species, and over the years has grown into an event dedicated to the care of all animals.
Nature conservation associations are marking the day globally to raise awareness of animal issues and to encourage people to think about how they treat animals.

According to data from international organizations, 50 to 150 animal species are extinct every day, primarily because of humans. On this topic educator in the field of nature protection and biodiversity conservation, Master Admir Alajuz, gave a lecture for all participants.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the strengthening of partnerships for joint actions in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo.