Visit to the Waste Management Center in Smiljevići within the project "Strengthening Partnerships - Youth in Action for Environmental and Natural Values" - Novo Sarajevo Municipality project

Within Activity 2.3. of the project "Strengthening the Partnership - Youth in Action for Environmental and Natural Values" funded by the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, the work of the Waste Management Center in the Canton of Sarajevo, i.e. the work of the Sarajevo Landfill in Smiljevići has been succesfully presented.
Namely, on 31st of October 2019, the representative of KJKP Rad, d.o.o. Mr. Mirza Ramić welcomed all present representatives of 5 participating schools in the project from the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, as well as representatives of COOR and presented the entire period of work of the landfill from the beginning to the present within the educational hall of this company and asked questions students with a view to their best acquisition of knowledge on the subject. The educational lecture covered the entire waste management system, from waste collection and transportation to the landfill, followed by entry, weighing, unloading, separation of waste in the recycling yard, unloading, construction of landfill gas probes, thermal power generation system, overlay landfill bodies, compaction systems, landfill leachate treatment systems and other relevant specifics of a sanitary landfill. After the lecture, the landfill itself and the recycling yard were visited.
The aim of this activity was to improve the knowledge and raise awareness of students, teaching staff and the population about the method of integrated waste management in the Sarajevo Canton, segregation of different types of waste and collection into containers within the newly constructed recycling yard and sanitary landfill in Smiljevići.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the strengthening of partnerships for joint actions in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo.