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The World University Service - Austrian Committee ( WUIS - SIP ) funded initial activities on establisment of  1999-2000 Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development (CESD) in 1999-2000. The aim was to establish a more intense relationship and collaboration between academics from different universities in BiH and the region on the promotion of and activities relate to environmental protection.
CESD is a non-profit organization registered 10.04.2000 as an association of citizens in the Federal Ministry of Justice under the registration number 4200624870003.
President of CESD is Prof. Dr. Tarik Kupusović, B.Sc.C.E  while Vice-President is Ms Dragana Selmanagić, M.Sc.Tech, B.Sc.C.E .
The Steering Committee consists of the following members :

  • Ms Sanda Midžić , Ph.D. Tech.
  • Ms Irem Silajdžić , Ph.D. in environmental engineering
  • Ms Vildana Goković, BSc in biology
  • Mr Branko Vučijak, Ph.D.
  • Mr Nijaz Lukovac, M.Sc.Tech, B.Sc.C.E.



The primary mission of CESD is to promote the values ​​of civil society through education, public awareness and strengthening human resources in the field of environmental protection, and cooperation with similar regional and international centers, promoting and applying the highest international standards in this field and thus contribute to environmentally sustainable development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Program goals and objectives

  • education and training of young people related to environmentally sustainable development,
  • work in the interests and action linking of all interested parties regarding the development and improvement of environmental culture, tourism awareness of its members and the general population,
  • work on the development of future action programs,
  • improving cooperation with similar organizations at home and abroad in accordance with the statute and the law,
  • organization of publishing activities in the field of environmental protection and improvement, in accordance with the law,
  • cooperation with the appropriate authorities and organizations in the fields of education, economy and social services related to the issues of interest for sustainable environmental development,
  • determining the basis and the inclusion of environmental culture in the overall social development,
  • participation in organizing seminars, workshops and training in order to exchange experiences and transfer of knowledge related to the objectives of the association,
  • raising environmental awareness among young people and the general population through the implementation of environmental projects and projects that are in line with the vision of sustainable tourism,
  • performing other tasks arising from the above program goals and objectives .

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