2015 Eco calendar of Stari Grad Municipality

The "2015 Eco calendar of Stari Grad Municipality" started in May 2015 and will be closed in January 2016. 

The overall objective of the project is introduce environmental education in elementary schools on teritorry of Stari Grad Municipality  in order to improve the general state of  environment, and provide healthier and better quality of life in local community.

The specific objectives are:

  • Incorporate environmental education in the daily lives of selected schools in the Municipality of Stari Grad;
  • Develop environmental awareness of project participants;
  • Develop a streamlined and efficient approach to teaching in nature;
  • Linking schools participating in the project (through the exchange of ideas and experiences in preparation and during, and after the joint work).

The project will celebrate 10 selected ecological dates in different ways including active work of students in nature and school environment, lecturing, citizens' competition for most beautiful lawns, etc. The following ecological dates are selected: 11 July - World Population Day, 16 September - Day of protection of the Ozone Layer, 22 September - The European Automobile Free Day, 26 September - Day of the Clean Mountains, 5 October- European Bird Watching Day, 6 October - World Day of Habitat, October 16 - Day of Healthy Food, November 3 - Day of Clean Air, November 4 - World Day of Action Against Climate Change, November 17 - Day of the Environmental Movement.

The expected results are:

  • Education for environment integrated in the realization of educational and extra-curricular activities in two primary schools;
  • Better connection of primary schools, i.e. students and teachers performed through the implementation of the Eco-Calendar Project, and the promotion of good cooperation and interaction in the field of environmental protection at the municipal level;
  • The level of environmental awareness of the participants in the project raised up (the importance of clean air, the environment, staying in the nature for the better health and quality of life).

The total value of the project is 7,850.00 BAM. The project is financed by Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo.

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