Project "Environmentally responsible citizen - pillar of sustainable development"


Many strategic documents show that current level of citizen's environmental awareness is at the low level. This can be proved even by the single walks through any municipality where we will see waste dropped around waste bins, which is not only a visual problem but also the project of soil pollution and odour, especially in summer months. There are also problems with water resources pollution (river Miljacka), air pollution, etc. 

That is why CEDS came with an idea to prepare a project "Environmentally responsible citizens- pillar of sustainable development" whit main aim to contribute to improvement of state of environment through education and awareness raising activities directed toward citizens of Novo Sarajevo Municipality. The most important target group are children and young people from Novo Sarajevo, but also their parents and other citizens who will be involved in project activities.



In order to achieve the main project goal, that is improve state of environment in Novo Sarajevo Municipality, the project designed several activities that should influence target groups and show them which actions we take, consciously or not, negatively impact the environment and what we can do about it in our homes, schools, working places, playground. With that we will contribute to better state of environment today and ensure that future generations have healthy environment and natural resources. Project activities are:

  • Organisation of educational workshops on different topics including waste management, water protection, energy and energy efficiency;
  • Development of Eco-bonton „How to be environmentally responsible”?
  • Celebration of eco-dates;
  • Organisation of an eco-day;
  • Selection of best yards and balconies in municipality Novo Sarajevo;
  • Development of eco-postcard.



The main result that we want to achieve is to improve knowledge of Novo Sarajevo Municipality citizens, especially kinds and youngsters, why it is important to save environment and protect natural resources and use them sustainably, and how we can prevent or reduce pollution. Beside, we want to raise awareness that we all need to address environment responsibly and give personal contribution to its projection, because that is the only way to have beautiful, clean and healthy environment.


Project duration: 15/06/2015 - 14/05/2016

Project implemented by: CESD in cooperation with Novo Sarajevo Municipality


This project is implemented  within the UNDP's Project „Reinforcement of Local Democracy IV – LOD IV“, financed by the European Union from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) in the amount of EUR 2 million. 


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